Top 5 Best Indoor Bounce Houses • (New 2024 Edition)

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If there’s one thing last year taught us, it’s that our children can quickly get bored indoors. The good news is that as parents, where there are problems, we find solutions. One of the greatest ways to keep your kids entertained is to invest in the best indoor bounce house for home use. Indoor bounce houses are excellent for both toddlers and small children to keep those growing legs moving.

In this guide, we put our expertise and experience to work to put together a terrific guide for you. Below, you’ll find indoor bounce houses with ball pits, slides, and other fun games to keep your children entertained throughout the year and during parties. Additionally, you’ll also find that these models are okay to bring outside during the summer months to get your kids some fresh air.

The features we considered when choosing our top picks were:

  • Premium materials such as commercial-grade PVC vinyl
  • Ample safety features including netting
  • We chose models made by the best bounce house brands
  • Included blowers, preferably UL-listed or certified
  • Additional activities for kids and toddlers to enjoy, e.g. slides
  • Warranties

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get started with reviews of our top picks.

Indoor Bounce House Reviews

In each of the following reviews, you’ll find the most important features & highlights to consider for each bounce house. Also, we put together the pros & cons for you to consider to make your final decision that much easier.

#1) Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Bounce House

Let’s start with the largest model in our guide. If you’re on the hunt for an indoor bounce house for parties, the Big Ol Bouncer by Blast Zone is the pick of the litter in that department. First, Blast Zone is one of the most trustworthy bounce house brands, and it’s a particularly good choice for home use and small children.

Second, you’ll find that the Big Ol Bouncer holds the most children of the models in this guide with its max recommended occupancy of 6 kids ages 3 and up. Blast Zone recommends a max user weight of 100 lbs and a max overall weight of 600 lbs. These are some of the highest numbers you’ll find offered by a suitable indoor bounce house.

As far as the size of the Big Ol bouncer, it does require the most space inside your home. The overall footprint is approximately 15′ W x 12′ D with a 7′ height. Also, it’s important to ensure you have enough clearance around the bounce house for kids to play safely. Lastly, the materials used to build the Big Ol Bouncer are premium & the closest you’ll get to true commercial bounce house quality. Overall, if you have enough room for it and need an indoor bounce house for events, look here first.


  • The largest bouncing area featured in this guide (112″ x 115″)
  • Fits up to 6 children with a weight limit of 600 lbs
  • Made with commercial-grade vinyl with quadruple stitching for added durability
  • Includes a powerful UL-listed 680W blower
  • Long 1-year warranty on both the blower & inflatable materials
  • Enough room for adults to enter to monitor toddlers


  • No sunroof included
  • The opening may feel a bit tight for older kids
  • Heavier than small indoor bounce houses (it weighs 66 lbs)

#2) Bounceland 9917 Bounce House Castle Bounce N’ Slide w/ Hoop

Bounceland is another one of our favorite bounce house brands because it manufactures reliable residential bounce houses for affordable prices. Our current top pick from the Bounceland lineup is the indoor bouncy castle & slide w/ hoop. Of the models in this guide, this is the best indoor bounce house with a slide. Small children and toddlers will both love the endless on-demand hours of fun this bounce house provides.

Compared to the Big Ol bouncer, this model is lighter and smaller, weighing just 36 lbs which makes it easier for one person to set up and tear down. The overall footprint measures 12′ x 9′ with a 7′ height to give you an idea of how much space you need. The recommended weight limit is 250 lbs with an individual weight limit of 84 lbs and up to 3 children at a time.

As far as features, there’s a large bouncing area, an exit slide, and a basketball hoop inside the bouncing area. Also, we like that Bounceland kept the entrance separate from the slide for enhanced safety. The entrance is located on the side of the house through a half velcro opening. Finally, you’ll like that the netting keeps your kids secure, and there’s more than enough air in each of the pillars to prevent any accidental bumping.


  • Commercial-grade bouncing surface
  • The entrance is separate from the exit slide for enhanced safety
  • Interior basketball hoop for kids to play with
  • ASTM certified for safety
  • 90-day warranty on the materials and 1-year on the included blower
  • The most fun slide of the models in our guide


  • The walls could be a bit higher
  • Lower recommended max occupany and weight limit than the Big Ol Bouncer

#3) Little Tikes 620072X1 Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Coming in at #3 on our list is a great indoor bounce house by one of our favorite brands, Little Tikes. The Jump ‘n Slide is the best indoor bounce house for toddlers because the large front opening makes it easier for you to monitor your kids, and the slide is shorter than the Bounceland model above. Also, we love the wide slide that makes it easier for multiple kids to share and enter/exit the bounce house.

Regarding size, the footprint of this model measures 7′ x 7′ with a max recommended weight of 250 lbs. Little Tikes recommends that no more than 3 children bounce at the same time. Next, this house is lightweight at 37.5 lbs and comes with a branded carrying bag should you decide to use it as a portable bounce house as well. With the included blower, you’re up and running in just minutes.

A couple of final considerations are that this model is shorter than our two preceding picks at 6’ tall, and there are no additional activities included inside such as a basketball hoop. Lastly, Little Tikes matches Bounceland’s warranty terms with a 90-day warranty on the inflatable materials and a 1-year warranty on the blower.


  • Safe design for easily monitoring toddlers
  • Includes all the accessories you need for indoor, outdoor, and portable uses
  • Very easy for one person to set up/tear down with the included blower
  • Ample room for up to 3 small kids to enjoy
  • Warranty terms match Bounceland’s


  • The netting could be heavier
  • Better for toddlers and small children than older children
  • The blower might seem loud to you

#4) PicassoTiles KC106 Junior Inflatable Bouncer

Another one of our top picks for toddlers and small children is this model by PicassoTiles. The first advantage of choosing this bouncer is that it does include 50 pit balls to turn this into an all-in-one bounce house ball pit. Next, it’s smaller than our previous picks and weighs the least at just 29 lbs.

The footprint measures 8′ x 7′ with an overall height of 5.5′ which makes this bounce house great for people who are lower on space. PicassoTiles recommends a weight limit of 200 lbs and no more than 3 children bouncing at once. The base package also includes a 385W blower.

One missing ingredient is a separate entrance. Unlike Bounceland’s bouncer with a slide, this model does not feature a side opening. Instead, the slide opening acts as an entry/exit. This is an important consideration if you’re torn between this model and Bounceland’s.


  • Includes 50 balls to turn the bouncing area into a ball pit
  • Less space required than our previous picks, a good choice for a basement bounce house
  • Lightweight at just 29 lbs
  • Blower included
  • 90-day limited warranty on the bouncer and 1-year on the included blower
  • Stores neatly in the included bag


  • The slide opening is the entrance and exit
  • Too small for big kids

#5) Action Air 9311T Jumping Castle Bouncer with Ball Pit

Last up is our favorite indoor bounce house with a ball pit. The advantage of choosing this model over the PicassoTiles bouncer above is that the ball pit is independent rather than in the bouncing area. Plus, there’s a lot to do in this little inflatable playhouse besides just bouncing.

Activities you’ll find featured in this bouncer are an inflatable basketball hoop, bouncing area, exit slide, and holes for playing ball toss. Plus, the base package includes 30 balls. As for capacity, Action Air lists a 300 lb weight limit and no more than 3 children playing at a time.

One drawback to consider is that of the models we included in our guide, this bouncer has the smallest bouncing area of 5′ x 5′. For toddlers, this is okay, but older kids will most likely feel cramped if more than one wants to use the bouncer at the same time. Also, it’s important to note that Action Air’s warranty terms are murkier than our previous picks.


  • Detached ball pit with a ball toss game
  • Separate entry and exit
  • Includes a heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug
  • Lightweight at 35 lbs
  • Perfect for toddlers


  • Unclear warranty terms
  • The bouncing area measures 5′ x 5′

Final Tips

The most important tip we can leave you is to always check the dimensions when choosing the best indoor bounce house for your kids. We’ve seen feedback from unhappy campers who said the bounce house was bigger or smaller than they had thought. For this reason, we listed the footprints under each of our reviews. It’s wise to break out the measuring tape to see how your preferred bounce house will fit in your indoor space, especially if you plan to use it as a basement bounce house.

Finally, safety first. Be sure to consider the manufacturers’ stated weight limits, max occupancies, and individual user weight limits to ensure you’re choosing the right model. Once you do those things, you’ll be well on your way to turning your home into a safe bouncing fun zone for kids.

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