Top 5 Best Commercial Bounce Houses • (2024 Reviews)

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In the age of online shopping, you don’t have to search far and wide for the best commercial bounce house. In fact, you’ll more than likely save big on a brand-new bounce house by having it delivered straight to your door. Good candidates for commercial-grade bounce houses are small business owners and people who regularly host parties.

If you fall into the latter group, you may find that it’s more affordable to purchase a commercial bounce house rather than frequently renting one. On top of that, your kids or grandkids will never get bored when they know that there’s a bounce house ready to use in just minutes.

For small business owners, commercial-grade bounce houses are built to stand the test of time. The following are features to look for when choosing a commercial model:

  • PVC vinyl
  • Double & quadruple stitching
  • Commercial-grade blower (1 HP or more)
  • Commercial-grade webbing and velcro
  • Compliance with NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 Fire Codes
  • Lead-Free Toys Act compliance
  • Finger-safe ripstop netting
  • Enclosed top to prevent overexposure to the sun
  • Warranty
For business owners, it’s important to check the warranty terms because there are often different terms for residential and commercial uses.

Other than that, commercial-grade bouncers are typically larger with higher weight limits and capacities, making them great for large families, gatherings, and birthday parties.

In this guide, you’ll find our top 5 commercial-grade bounce house picks and reviews of each model. No matter your goal, we have some excellent choices for you to ensure your bounce house is a hit at your next event.

Commercial Bounce House Reviews

Under each of the following reviews, you’ll find the key specs & highlights of each model plus the pros & cons to consider before making your final decision.

#1) TentandTable Kids Modern Rainbow Commercial Bounce House

Our top pick for both residential and commercial/rental purposes is TentandTable’s Modern Rainbow water slide bounce house combo. The first point to keep in mind is that this model is sold as a true commercial-grade model. That means, you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty should you use it for commercial purposes.

Next, TentandTable is one of the best bounce house brands and easily one of our personal favorites. Each feature is well thought out and built to stand the test of time. Some of the key features & highlights you’ll find on this particular model (K-XCO-WDRNBWF) are commercial-grade 15 oz PVC vinyl, an enclosed tunnel entrance, an enclosed rooftop, finger-safe netting, and a wet/dry slide.

Several final highlights are the included 1.5 HP commercial-grade blower, an integrated sprinkler system, safety sign with safety rules, and a 1-year limited warranty which is one of the longest you’ll find. Lastly, this model has a massive 1000 lb weight limit, and TentandTable recommends it for up to 6 people (kids & adults) at a time.


  • Includes a 1.5 HP blower
  • True commercial quality for residential and rental uses
  • 1-year limited warranty (not voided by commercial use)
  • All the necessary safety features and compliances
  • Wet/dry slide for added fun
  • Extra vinyl at stress points with quadruple stitching
  • Deflation zippers for faster tear down
  • Large 13′ x 12’6″ bouncing area


  • The highest upfront cost in our guide at the time of this writing
  • It weighs 255 lbs (requires more than one person to set up and store)
  • No splash pool at the end of the slide

#2) Inflatable HQ Commercial-Grade Crayon Bounce House

Of the models in this guide, Inflatable HQ’s Crayon model gives you the most bang for your buck. This commercial-grade bounce house complies with the Lead-Free Toys Act and includes a 1.5 HP blower for a mighty fine price. Similar to our top pick, this model is made of 100% PVC vinyl for ultimate durability.

Additionally, Inflatable HQ went the extra mile by reinforcing the stress points with 18 oz vinyl. Next, the bounce area measures about 10′ x 12′ while the overall footprint is 17′ x 13′ including the slide. Inflatable HQ recommends no more than 5 children at a time, and the weight limit is 800 lbs.

Another reason you may want to choose this model is that it’s relatively lightweight for a large commercial bounce house at 130 lbs. Comparatively, that’s over 100 lbs lighter than our top pick. The only drawback is that this model does not feature a wet/dry slide for added entertainment. Also, Inflatable HQ does not offer the same warranty as TentandTable on its units.


  • 1.5 HP blower included
  • One of the most affordable commercial bounce houses on the market
  • A lot lighter than our top pick
  • True commercial-grade vinyl with reinforcements at stress points
  • 800 lb weight limit
  • Very easy to set up and tear down
  • Integrated roof to protect bouncers from the sun
  • The elevated slide entrance makes entering and exiting the house more fun


  • No warranty information provided
  • Not made for wet slide use (no integrated sprinkler system)
  • No safety sign included for rental purposes

#3) Pogo 7264 Crossover Rainbow Bounce House with Blower

Another top bounce house brand that manufactures models very similar to TentandTable’s is Pogo Bounce House. Similar to our #2 pick, this crossover model by Pogo is an excellent bang-for-your-buck pick. First, the Crossover Rainbow house is built with commercial-grade materials, including 15 oz PVC vinyl. However, unlike our top pick, the 90-day warranty for this model is valid for residential use only.

Should you use this model for commercial purposes, it will void the warranty. Outside of that consideration, you’ll find the same commercial-quality components, including quadruple stitching, multi-layer vinyl reinforcements at stress points, an enclosed roof, ripstop PVC netting, and a commercial-quality 680W blower.

One final consideration to make is that this model does not include a safety sign for rental purposes. Though it does comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act, it features fire-retardant PVC, and it’s phthalate-free. Lastly, it weighs less than our #2 pick at 112 lbs, and the bouncing area is larger at 13′ x 13′.


  • 90-day warranty for residential use
  • Built with commercial-grade materials for a significantly reduced cost
  • Large 13′ x 13′ bouncing area
  • The lightest of our top 3 picks
  • Covered top to protect children on sunny days
  • Great for use as a starter rental


  • Commercial use voids the 90-day warranty
  • No slide entrance
  • Does not include a safety sign or the larger 1.5 HP blower
  • Lower max weight limit at 500 lbs and up to 4 children

#4) BESTPARTY Commercial-Grade Inflatable Castle Bounce House

Now for the most entertaining pick in our guide. As you probably already noticed, this model is jampacked with different activities for endless fun during birthday parties and other events. The main features include a jumping area, crawling tunnel, ball pit, basketball hoop, slide, and climbing wall. In other words, there’s a lot more going on here than a simple bounce house offers.

Regarding quality, this unit is specifically built for commercial use. It’s made of commercial-quality PVC vinyl and has a 750 lb weight limit. Our only real qualm is that the company, BESTPARTY, is not quite as established as TentandTable and Pogo Bounce House brands. The good news is that the seller is responsive and backs this model with a 90-day limited warranty for both residential & commercial uses.

Finally, it’s important to note that this bounce house does not include a blower, which does reflect in its low price compared to competing models in this category. BESTPARTY recommends a 980W blower. A good choice is a 1.5 HP blower for a house of this size, and we like this one at Amazon #ad. Regardless, even after factoring in the cost of the blower, this model is a good deal.


  • 90-day warranty for residential and commercial uses
  • Loads of activities for children to enjoy
  • Built with commercial-grade vinyl for rental purposes
  • High 750 lb weight limit
  • 7.5′ x 8.2′ jumping area


  • The company is not as established as TentandTable and Pogo Bounce House
  • No blower included
  • No sun cover on the jumping area

#5) TentandTable Modular Tropical Commercial Bounce House Combo

Our final pick is another amazingly fun TentandTable model that’s sure to be a slam dunk at any event. Similar to our top pick, this model comes backed by a 1-year warranty for commercial and residential uses, so no need to worry about voiding the warranty if you plan to use it as a rental. After the warranty consideration, this model is an excellent choice for people who want to mix it up by choosing a tropical-themed bounce house.

As far as features, there’s a long wet/dry slide with a no-jump top safety feature, an extra-large 13’8″ x 12’6″ bouncing area, an enclosed tunnel entrance to let children’s imaginations fly, and a large inflatable landing zone at the base of the slide. Also, this model includes the same high-quality 1.5 HP Zoom commercial blower for reliable operation.

One feature that’s worth considering for rental purposes and birthday parties is the optional modular art panel. This model accepts TentandTable’s 13′ modular art panels with different themes, including pirate and unicorn. Lastly, this unit includes a safety sign, a heavy-duty storage bag, and a business card holder for commercial purposes.


  • Includes the same safety sign and commercial accessories as our top pick
  • 1.5 HP Zoom blower included
  • Optional modular art panel to match party themes
  • 700 lb weight limit and up to 6 people at a time
  • Large 13’8″ x 12’6″ jumping area
  • 1-year limited warranty for all uses


  • It weighs 315 lbs
  • Max weight limit is high but lower than our #1 pick

Final Tips

All the models in this guide are made for commercial purposes. Although, for residential users, you might want to stick with picks 2 through 4 to save yourself some bucks. For business and rental purposes, it’s hard to beat TentandTable. While their models do cost more, the company manufactures the overall best commercial bounce house.

Additionally, TentandTable offers the longest warranty of one year and doesn’t void the warranty when the bounce house is used for commercial purposes. You’ll also find that the included safety sign, business card holder, and Zoom blower show customers that you take your business seriously since your presentation is more professional.

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